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Here is a rap song Vince Spadea made just for Wimbledon:

Its all in the club, The All England Club,
playing singles, mixed and dubs,
slugging passing shots and mugs,
Roger trying to an ace, crowds filled with pretty face,
hotties trying to give a hug,
and I’m giving them the shrug,
cause I’m the menace of tennis at the Oscars of service winners,
its time for Wimbledon, mingling in England,
where’s my friends, where’s my Pims, where’s Tim Henman,
royal attendance, where’s Rich Branson, where’s my mansions,
if not now then when then,, if not you then who? Spadea ? Federer, the predator,
who’s betterer, than a big wall, or a big Nadal,
neither miss a ball ,
or the serve of Andy Roddick, Its hypnotic, its illogic, its a comet,
coming like a rocket, and its chronic. where’s our girl, Kournikova, Anna are you married?
strawberries and cream, I used to dream about a street, SW 19 ,
on Center court I’m hitting short wearing shorter shorts than Borg’s. who is Vince, where’s Williams, where’s Prince William, where’s my millions,
where’s Guga Brazilian. where’s my Brit civilians? come on Hewitt, come on do it,
just admit it, Nike said just do it and u did it, its not over Sharapova,
where’s my Rover, where’s my chauffeur get my gopher, this aint kosher.
get me back, to the days, of Johnny Mac, 18 16 making history, Bjorn’s a mystery,
I hear whispering, on the campus, that man Sampras serve attacked us,
the best ever? lets get clever maybe Federer,
how bout Henin, how about Lennon, how bout me and BBC? that be sweet,
on TV, eating scones and tea,
But I feel I won, cause I’m chillin in the Sun ,selling 4 million, having fun is number one,
I’m almost done, but my thoughts are never wrong, Wimby tennis anyone?
I aint lying sis, I’m a music scientist.
Martina, we will savor like Rod Laver, course I met her,
and Sir Edberg, Boris Becker, Having laughs with Steffi Graf ,
doing laundry with our Andre……. Agassi. Tennis’ Brad and Jolie,
has to be, something left to see,
Wimbledon, you’re my friend, our tradition, you’re our mission til the end.

(source: tennisnews)


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